Black Talent Charter – The Next Phase Mansion House Reception and Presentation 29 June 2022

The Black Talent Charter held a Reception and Presentation at the Mansion House in the City on 29 June 2022 to launch the next phase of its work.  This is a three-pillared, three-year, cross-sectoral plan, a unique blueprint for fundamental change in the treatment and representation of Black talent in financial and professional services.  The plan was described in Harry Matovu’s speech at the Reception.

Black Talent Charter at the Mansion House 20 June 2022 – Lord Mayor’s Welcome

Black Talent Charter Mansion House Highlights

Black Talent Charter Mansion House
Presentation 29 June 2022 – Harry Matovu QC

What attendees had to say

“What an excellent evening.  Harry, you and your team have really pulled off a coup with your future vision and plan of action.”

“That was an amazing, historic evening. It was so important that we were right at the epicentre of the power base of London… Everyone seemed equally inspired and excited.”

“I have to say well done on a truly magnificent evening at Mansion House. I like to think that Wednesday was the start of something special. I hope that we all remember that day for what it was. Being away from London and in this bubble, I sometimes forget about the talent that is in the city, and being in a room where I was not in the minority was incredibly cathartic.
Thank you.”

“It was incredible meeting the people and organisations dedicated to increasing diversity in one room. It was also incredibly encouraging to see the talent currently in leadership positions and the projected talent of tomorrow. I left the room with more contacts, energy, and determination for the road ahead.”

“I have to congratulate you on an excellent event. It was well organised and the calibre of attendees was impressive.”

“I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely incredible evening last week. It was just so inspiring to hear from you, the other speakers; to see all of those people gathered in one space, passionate for progression. Huge congratulations to you for pulling the whole thing off, and for where you’ve got to so far with the Charter. It’s an incredible piece of work.”

“Congratulations on an excellent evening and inspiring presentations! The whole event was very efficiently organised. There was, also, a very good turnout and you have given us hope that fundamental change within our lifetime is not just a pipe dream, if we can all work together to bring about change.”

“It was a super event, the room had a great feel about it and further evidence of the value of convening to develop relationships and increase understanding”

“I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a wonderful and inspiring event yesterday.”